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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Breathing Place

If your lucky
you have a few places where you can go to too 'breathe easier'...
Special places you can run to to relieve stresses, even if but momentarily.
A place where your views can alter & shift if you care to tend to them...
Or a place where you mind & heart can take a break & breathe in some silence along with your lungs.

I have several such spots...
In the house snuggling with bunnies or outside watching them play is a top spot for me.
At the waterside watching sunsets ranks top priority often.
On golden country roads with my honey, with the top off our Jeep is definitely a favourite as well.

And, in the sparkling quiet of a magical forest is another favourite of mine.
(I took these photos at one of my breathing places recently).

As a child, I grew up running wild about the trees and water.
There was a large forest behind my childhood house and it was my 2nd home.
As long as we checked in with our parents occasionally and were back in time for dinner,
we roamed and played in that forest as comfortably as in our own bedrooms.
My big brother, my pals and I were always fooling and running around amongst the
trees & ponds like bare-footed carefree bandits.
It was full of bears, raccoons, partridges, beavers, foxes, etc but we were never scared.
Now as an adult, I am still always happy to run about my old stomping grounds...
though admittedly now some trepidation can't help but join me
since we do have cougars roaming around now!

Now these place don't just hold magical memories of childhood,
they are beautiful breathing places...
places to center ones self & remember what is really important in life.

Where do you tend to breathe deeply, where do your stresses slip away???

XO Mandy

p.s. I think I might be taking a tiny little blog I'll be seeing you all again in early August.


Michelle May said...

Beautiful photos girlfriend. I just spend a few days in the mountains with scenes just like this. My cares did indeed slip away and ran down the creek with the water.
Thinking of you.

ladaisi said...

These are beautiful photos, lady. I love the image 'barefoot bandits' brings to mind ... reminds me of my childhood as well.

Deyfenn Slayd said...

ahhhhh.....the sound of the falls, I can hear it now. Beanie loved it up there also :-)