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Friday, July 20, 2012

Ribbet and Rabbits

Well it was a lovely day despite another day with a bad headache turned migraine.
I've had a very sore head the last 10 days out of 15,
and admittedly, my nerves have been feeling alittle shoddy and my spirits a tad low.
So, I said to myself...
'Mandy go to your happy place girl, come on, stop wasting time...'
So outside I went, dragging 3 bunnies with me along with my coloured pencils, lunch, a book, a tea
and a pile of cozy blankets and ice packs for frequent pain breaks!

Amongst romping rabbits, breezes and birds, I started in on this sweet little coloured pencil frog...

I haven't been outside much so far this year,
Which isn't me...
I usually spend all my time outside in the spring, summer & fall with the buns and my work.
But, since Ella Luna has passed, I just haven't wanted to be out there without her.
I am glad I broke out of my little funk and remembered that I still have
to be happy out there even without my girl...that it is still indeed a very happy place to be.
I am happy also, that despite a pounding head, I got the little frog almost done...
He's going to be a mixed media and I can't wait to finish him up and then show you all.

I truly hope that you are pain-free today and that your in your Happy place.


Aline said...

That's my girl - best medicine is make like every is fine.... glad you made it outside...I know how much you enjoy your yard & bet your bunnies were pretty excited also. By the way, your froggy is so handsome! p.s.should see the stuff I've been spitting out (if only it were that easy). Artists Garden at Ash Creek Pottery this weekend.... miss you xoxoxo

val said...

your frog is wonderful! Ella wouldn't want you to stay inside...she is out there, waiting for you!

Lisa said...

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. How is bonding going?

Deyfenn Slayd said...

I totaly understand your feeling about the yard and Ella :-( Nothing is quite the same without our girl.