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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Disappearing Act...Again!

Hi Everyone,
I've managed to disappear unexpectedly from my blog again.  Sorry about that.
A two week long head pain marathon ran into my honey getting really sick and ending up in hospital
because he could barely breathe for his lungs & airways had gotten so was scary!
And that ordeal streamed right along into more head pain filled days for me
and then naturally my turn to get abit of a flu...

But all is getting better now, so I'll be showing you some new artwork very soon.
I'd like to say later today or tomorrow but for once I won't promise since my headaches and
migraines are in high gear these last few weeks and I've been able to get less done than
normal or even keep to a plan or schedule of any sort.

my Jonathan is okay now and safe and sound at home...
The first words out of his mouth when I was finally able to see him a few hours later in the triage room was "Oh there you are, I missed you and I miss my rabbits, I want to go home I need to see them" awww.
So even though I am writing this with a still pounding head
and I am pretty sure it'll likely be sore again tomorrow!
(I head to a neurologist very soon...slightly nervous!)
my honey is back home and on his way to healthy again, so all is right in my world
...and I have no complaints.

And I am just really excited about showing you all some new work,
I've been working on so many things.
So do hop in for a visit again really soon so you can see all the new goodies, okay?

XO Mandy

1 comment:

Deyfenn Slayd said...

Safe and sound indeed. Not sure what the exact problem is, but it will get figured out I'm sure.