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Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Back Deck

So onto lighter things...
Want to see where I spend alot of time on spring, summer & fall days? 
Well one of the places anyways!

This is our back deck.
It's where Mister Roo-Boo tends to hang out during the days,
where Ella Luna and I spent oodles and oodles of time together,
and where the squirrels and chickadees come to converse with me.
It's also where I have my morning coffee,
my mid-afternoon reading breaks
and where my easel is set up for painting or pastels.

It's also where I stretch out and gaze up at the stars in the evening times.
I LOVE it.

I've shown you this space before,
but it does change from season to season,
I am sure it'll be completely rearranged next year again.
And, I still have to paint that one rocking chair a bright red...maybe this coming weekend.

Thanks for hopping in.

XO Mandy & The Buns


Rokon said...

Nice photo. And nice combination of furniture's.

Kathy Anne said...

Absolutely delightful. A wonderful place to rest or be creative. ~kathy

ger chouinard said...

LOVE this space! very inspiring! Very fond of Buns and Squirrels myself ... so like it here :) g

Ann-Margaret {Ann-Margaret's Visions} said...

What a cute and cozy spot!! I love your outdoor space! I love working outside, too, and it is the perfect spot for that morning cuppa!! :)

ladaisi said...

What a simply awesome back-deck. I had one when I was living in GA and I loved being back there ... sitting in the sun, having dinner. I really miss it.

val said...

just lovely.....

Deyfenn Slayd said...

Such a great space :-)