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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Holidays

Wow, it's been quite a year.
The buns and I thank all of you for supporting our beloved blog.
I am hopping in quickly to let you all know that
I am beginning my holidays now.
I'll be away for blogging for a few weeks...
My honey & I start our holidays tomorrow for 2 weeks...
then I will be back into the studio part-time BUT I won't be back to blogging until February.
(But I will be using Twitter still, so if you want quick updates you can check in with me there.)
I look forward to refilling my creative well.
And after 4+ years of blogging it's nice to know that all of you lovelies who visit me here
will be here when I so fills my heart with warmth and gratitude for you all.
I know 2013 will be full & exciting and that this beloved blog of mine will continue
to record & witness amazing abundance & beauty.
I can't wait to continue in the sharing with all of you shining souls.

Before I go, I must ask that you all send us good wishes & healing energies for our Roo is sick.
He's been sick for 3 weeks, at first we thought it was just a sore leg, then a sore hock but
on Monday after rushing him to the doctors we found out that we are
dealing with 'Hypercalcemia disease', so we've been pretty stressed & scared and
though it's not looking like the holidays will be what we planned or the restful period that we need,
I look forward to uninterrupted time to take care of our boy and to having
Jonathan home 24/7 because he so centers & calms me in the middle of my fears and stresses.
You all know me...the world all but halts to a stop when one of my long-earred babes is not well.
Also, more time for our newest sweet addition is going to be lovely...
though she's nicely settled already truth be told, ha ha.

So as Roo naps in the bedroom and Teela munches away on a big pile of hay and as
 Jin and Jaks are cozied up together watching a winter storm from their window bench
and the house sparkles with Christmas cheer,
We are wishing you and yours the loveliest of Holidays...
See you in the New Year.

XXOO  Mandy, Jonathan, Roo, Jinny, Jaks and Teela XXOO


Michelle May said...

Prayers being sent for Roo. Wishing you all a beautiful, peaceful and very Happy Christmas.
Love and friends always,
Shell and the Bunnies

Katalin said...

Dear Mandy...enjoy your time off and wishing you all a wonderful and happy Holiday Season!! (and healing thoughts for Roo)
Take care! Love xoxo

ladaisi said...

I love your little photo collage! Hope you had beautiful holidays and come back soon!

Ann-Margaret {Ann-Margaret's Visions} said...

Mandy, I hope you and Jonathan have had a beautiful holiday and have been able to work in a little R&R while loving on your sweet bunnies. I am thinking of you and keeping Roo in my are on my heart, as I now how precious he is to you. Big hugs, sweet friend!