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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


This is a very difficult and heavy post for me to compose.
I've been putting it off but fact is that if I don't do it, I'll continue not wanting to blog.
I'll continue with this numb feeling & not wanting to say out loud that...

Our Roo Boo is gone...
He passed away on January 26th at 10:05pm

Our handsome Roo has had to leave us and has flown away to be with his Ella Luna.
He passed away just as he lived his life, peacefully, gently & with giant strength & beauty.

We miss him like mad...he was an amazing rabbit and an amazing friend...a real solid soul.
He left us just a short 8 months after Ella Luna passed away...
I am not ashamed to admit that Ella and he were the apples of my eye...
so it's been a really rough year to see two of my best & favourite babies go.

I send out to the universe, a big thanks to our Jaks, for becoming buddies with Roo
and giving our big boy lots of snuggles & kisses during some of his last months.

Love to our Teela too, for being understanding that our boy needed few but gentle visits from her.
Also, thanks to our best friend Maria, she was Roo's Auntie & she spent lots of time stretched out on the floor with him, when he was well & when he was sick, he really grew to love her.
And to my mom & dad, who never left our house without giving Roo a pet first.
But mostly I thank my Jonathan...
whose shoulder I constantly soaked, whose strength & gentleness soothed my torn heart &
who helped me bolster myself up to be the best mom I could be to Roo in his final days.

He hung on as long as he could.  Our giant Chinchilla, our 12 pound baby...he had an enormous spirit.
We got the hypercalcemia disease under control & his bladder emptied of calcium and sediment
within a week of diligent & patient work but apparently this was just a 'surface' problem.

He started falling over at the beginning of December not because of the bladder issue
but because he was suffering from spinal/neurological degenerative disease.
Apparently 9 years old is very old for a large bunny like him.

Over just a few quick weeks, he lost of the use of his back legs then his front legs.
So I put him in a giant basket and never left his side...(that's why I was away for 1.5 months)
I carted him around the house with me from room to room.  He even slept in the bed with us.

He had to have assisted feedings 4 times a day for over a month, he wouldn't give up, so either did we.
I am so grateful that the last week or so of his life was very sunny,
so he spent alot of time napping away in the sunlight which he always loved...our sweet boy.
Right up to the end he was smothering my face with a million kisses...
seriously I think I got over a million kisses from this precious precious heart.

Near the end he couldn't hold his head up, he didnt' want to eat...and well it was the hardest decision to
help him pass right up until the moment we knew it was the right thing to do.
He went surrounded by immense love, with sweet words whispered in his ear & encircled in our arms.

I still can't believe my boy is gone.
He was a best friend and one of thee most special rabbits I've ever had the honour of being a mama too.
I'll miss him every single day until the end of my time.
I fall asleep every night with visions of him and Ella bouncing around together somewhere wonderful.
And whenever I start to fall apart, I quickly remember Roo's grace & strength & utter sweetness
and I remember that he was extremely happy in his 9 year life.
Every time I take a nap, I think of our boy....because boy he LOVED to nap our handsome boy....
and every time I hear a snore, I will smile & think of him again because oh boy did he snore our boy.
I will go forward with his strength now part of my strength & I will always always feel
blessed and grateful that I was the one who found him in a park so many years ago...
one of the best days of my life.

Miss you baby....miss you so so much...thank you for all that you were and will forever be.


Karen M said...

Oh, Mandy, I'mm so sorry. I had a feeling that he had crossed the Bridge. He must have missed Ella Luna very much, too. It's so hard to watch our special little ones slow down, and then leave us behind. Roo was a very lucky bun, to have had a wonderful Mom like you.

Beth said...

In tears. I'm so sorry. <3

Debbie-Anne Parent said...

So very sorry for your loss...and hope you find comfort in his reunion with Ella Luna. What a lucky little bunny to have been so loved...hugs to you and your family during this difficult time xo.

Aline said...

What a lovely post in Loving Memory of your Big boy Roo! Beautiful and well done.....sending you strenght and peace x0x0x0

Snap said...

I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes reading about Roo's final days. How lucky Roo, you and John were to have each other -- all that precious love. And, now .. Roo is with Ella Luna ... happy, at peace, sleeping and playing in the sun.

Hugs to you....

Natascha said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, and I can relate so much to you. I know what you mean about a million bunny kisses, because that's what I got from my Giddy. He had a wonderful life with you, and couldn't have asked for more. I'm sure he is sunning in a beautiful meadow with Ella luna. She was probably doing bunny hops of joy to greet him when he arrived.

val said...

This was such a lovely post about your amazing relationship with your Roo. He was a very lucky boy to have you in his life.

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

Thanks so much everyone...your messages are so kind and balms to our hearts. Love XXOO M& J.

Deyfenn Slayd said...

Man I miss our Roo. Going through the videos this weekend of him and Ella was hard :-(