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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Featured on Animal Ethical

I was asked some time ago to submit an article about myself & my work to
a new site where Etsy artists & sellers who are against the sale of any animal
parts/bits on Etsy, can have their shops featured.

It's a new site and the creator of it is, Bettina (a.k.a Mrs Masha of The Hare Apparent),
she is a fellow rabbit lover & rabbit rescuer living in the United Kingdom countryside.

I was tardy with my submission of info due to all the stuff going on with Roo, etc...
so I wasn't sure if I was featured or not...turns out I was, yay.
I've not been featured anywhere for awhile, so it was a nice surprise,
let alone for something important such as this.
to visit the 80+ Etsy Animal Ethical team and our shops.
And don't forget, you animals lovers out there, visit my shop for oodles of beautiful animal art
I am honestly getting fed-up with Etsy & their allowing of animals heads, faces, furs, taxidermy, etc
to be sold, these ARE NOT Handmade items & should NOT be allowed for sale on Etsy.
Hence my current working away on setting up a new primary shop
which will be linked to my own cruelty-free, Joyful & Kind sites.
I can't wait to have it up and running, though I think it'll be a bit longer yet!


Deyfenn Slayd said...

That's awesome Bijou!

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

Thanks my love...not a big deal but I wanted to share it on the blog anyways. XO.

Yarni Gras! said...

That is WONDERFUL.....looking forward to your shop.