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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter

Just hop hop hopping in to wish you all a very wonderful & cozy
Happy Easter
I kindly ask for your help to spread that word that Easter is for chocolate bunnies...
NOT time for a passing whimsy to buy real ones as Easter gifts!
Unless your ready for the big commitment of caring for
a real bunny for it's whole precious lifespan & all that that entails...
and if you are serious about it, PLEASE adopt from shelters or rescues, don't buy!)
We hope you all get some rest & eat lovely kind food
& just to let you know, I'll be back very soon.
XO Mandy & Jonathan
and our own Easter Bun Babies,
Teela, Jinny, Jaks, Flynn, Yuuji & Frenwyck
(all amazingly wonderful & beautiful rescue adoptees)

1 comment:

Yarni Gras! said...

I grew up in the 70's when it was all the rage to dye baby chicks, ducks and bunnies different Easter colors. My folks always got me ducks....which promptly DIED because of the OBVIOUS...lack of proper are, name it.
As an adult, it haunts me that back then, parents could be so cavalier with the life of another creature.
Your post is something all animal rescue leagues should post well before Easter. In fact, you oughta make a little badge and I'll put it on my blog (just suggesting....!)
Have a great weekend.