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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Si-Fu's Garden

I was going to wait to show you this latest picture of mine,
But I can't wait...
it's so bright and colourful and happy
and it's just delighting the heck outta my own eyes, ha ha
so I am hoping that it'll delights you as well.
It is called
"The Si-Fu's Garden"
It is 100% coloured pencil on watercolour paper.
The original is only 8 x 10" (Prints will be listed in my shop shortly).
I've been working on really thin and smooth paper lately because it's just easier on my wrist,
but this one I sketched out on watercolour paper because it was planned as a watercolour
but at the last minute it told me that it wanted to be a coloured pencil...
I am glad I listened to my gut because I forgot how lovely it is to work with
prismacolours on such thick, textured paper.
It was a complete joy to work on this week
Now onto the yet one!

1 comment:

Snap said...

Gorgeous and it makes me smile! Perfect!