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Friday, April 26, 2013

Sner Snickley

Hi Everyone,
meet my newest little chum
"Sner Snickley"
I just have to share abit of his story with you
...Sner Snickley was excited.
He was so excited that his hat was about to wobble right off the top of his furry head.
So very excited that he had so many goose bumps along his bald little tail that he was getting chilly!
Yes, he was excited because he was on his way to the airport.
In under 2 hours, he would be flying high above cotton puff clouds to a long dreamt of destination...
a place he's been dreaming of all of his young life and right into his current middle life...
yes indeedy,
it was time for Sner to jet off to the mystical and magical island of Ibiza.
He had everything he needed packed up beautifully and efficiently...
An extra bag to bring back souvenirs & hopefully atleast 10 fresh pineapples, his favorite fruit.
He was already signed up for a 2 week long diving class so he had snorkel and fins packed.
Embarrassingly, his tail and fair face crisped up in the sun like a piece of soy ham,
so he packed not 1 but 3 bottles of spf 80 lotion.  No need for more wrinkles after all!
He had several swimming trunks in various colours,
though the submarine yellow ones with red and blue Ferraris on them were his absolute favorite,
he didn't know why exactly but they just made his heart happy, so he actually bought 2 pairs of those.
He also made sure to pack his jet black dancing shoes and extra shoe polish
for he planned to dance alot and every single night of his vacation,
oh how his heart fluttered just thinking of dancing away the nights under the pink Ibiza stars
And of course he must bring his special suitcase, the one that perfectly houses his burgundy top hat...
he went no where without his lucky top hat...ever.
Maybe, just maybe he might get lucky enough to meet the future Mrs. Snickley on the dance floor.
Oh yes, indeedy, he was hat wobbling, goose bump chilly, super duper excited...
I can just picture Sneer's face the first time he sets foot on Ibiza, what fun that would be to see, ha ha.
Prints of Sner will be available soon.
Have an amazing weekend everyone.


Deyfenn Slayd said...

Great picture Bijou, and I love the story...time to be writing a book me-thinks ;-)

linda (dots n doodles) said...

Absolutely wonderful! Love the drawing and also the story. Reading this blog post has brightened my day.