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Monday, April 29, 2013

Winters RoundUp

One might think that it's  a wee late to be doing a post with winter as its theme,
but we have had snow around these parts right up until this past Thursday!
And well, I couldn't pass up showing you our favorite photos
of the buns frolicking & exploring in the snow.
The newbies, Teela, Flynn, Yuuji and Frenwyck, especially had fun exploring their new yard areas.
Flynn was a stray so we were not sure if he would like it outside,
since being a house rabbit struggling to survive outside couldn't have been easy for him.
He was leery at first but he started having fun once he realized he was going back into the house.

 Teela was scared to complete stillness her first two times out
and we were not going to force her, if she didn't like it outside than that was her decision
but on the third gentle try something clicked and she realized she was safe and
soon enough she was more adventurous than the boys.
I was so very proud of my beautiful girlie.

 Frenwyck the Magnificent loved it outside right away.
He has such and amazing and beautiful fur
and it blows in the wind in a way that just makes your heart softly go ''ahhhh".
He is a spaz in the house & is even more so outside, as you can see from these shots, ha ha.
Yuuji seemed comfortable out there straight away as well
but it takes him abit of time to check things out before he's willing to let loose and play.
Mostly he just wanted to nibble on everything that he could fit into his little mouth.
He's not even a year old yet, it's so fun to watch him experience new things, he's such a sweetie.

Jinny and Jaks enjoy the fresh crisp air of winter and they like to eat the snow.
I think being older buns now, they prefer short outings
and then it's back to the warmth of the house and to their sunny window bench they happily go.

Spending time outside with rabbits, be it in the winter, spring, summer or fall,
feels like home to my whole heart.
It soothes me and fills me up like nothing else can.
I am honored that these babies found their way to us.
I have absolutely no doubts that the universe guided them to us and us to them.
And thanks to my bunny honey who is as obsessed with taking photos of our furry kids as I am.
Hope you enjoyed seeing the buns in action?
Aren't they just so beautiful and awesome,
But you know me, I could talk about the rabbits all day long and probably late into the night too.
The newbies have all settled in beautifully.
Yuuji and Teela are now bonded which is spectacular.
Everyone is currently in good health which we are SO thankful for.
Life is bunniful and beautiful...
Now enough with winter and onto summer, wohoo.


ladaisi said...

Oh Mandy, these photos are just stunning! What a beautiful collection, the warmest fuzziest winter photos I've seen.

There is a bunny who lives opposite my apartment, in the building next door, and sometimes I see it peeking out the window at me ... makes me think of you, although I suspect it would much prefer to live with you than in a 38 sq. meter room.

Yarni Gras! said...

what lovely photos. It makes me want one more and more.....maybe one day.

Marianne said...

I could just hug you. Your heart is so full of love and I feel it ooozing through these photos and your words. I know the feeling of being full with love of fur babies. I could talk for hours about my dogs as well.
(oh and your husband is quite handsome...but you already knew that didn't you )

Ann-Margaret {Ann-Margaret's Visions} said...

Mandy, my sweet friend, these are the most gorgeous and adorable photos! What precious moments you captured of your sweet babies! I just love their sweet faces, cute lil tails, and amazing personalities! Oh, I just want to come play in the snow with y'all! :) Hugs!

Natascha said...

Loved seeing them! Mine are so scared outside. Neighbor dog barking at them make it worse! :(

Deyfenn Slayd said...