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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Jaks's Story

Last week we celebrated our sweet apple Jaks.
It was 4 years ago that we brought him into our home to join our family.
(he is now around 6 years old)
Isn't he a cutie pie.
Want to hear the story of how he came to us and us to him???

We rescued him from being a lonely, scared, angry, biting & snarling 'store mascot'.
He almost died from the stress of big dogs constantly charging his cage &
little kids always screaming around him and poking at him...
not to mention the long nights & weekends he was all alone in the back store room
or all the birdseed he would ingest when he was allowed to stretch his legs in the store!

We would visit Jaks, every single week for over a year, like clockwork.
I felt so attached this this angry little bunny...I just felt like he was meant to be mine.
We would bring him treats and veggies that I knew he wasn't getting & the store staff
got to know us so well that we were given permission to go into his pen whenever we wanted
to pick him up for cuddles (we so appreciated that).  It was always so hard to leave him.
He would run away and try to bite us like mad, but once he was in our arms he would melt
& lick my neck like crazy, ha ha.  Jonathan fell in love with him too of course.
We knew the store wasn't the right place for Jaks but we were so thankful to the ladies there too
because they helped save him.  He was actually brought to a nearby vets to be put to sleep!
His previous owners apparently decided that rats were more interesting then a rabbit and after
keeping him locked away in a little room where he got no attention at all,
they wanted him gone & asked the vet to put him to sleep...
but thankfully she refused because he was beautiful and perfectly healthy, so she took him instead.
Later that night, when out buying food for her own animals at home,
she was telling the pet store employees about Jaks because she needed to find him a home
and they said they had been thinking of getting a rabbit for the store, as a mascot of sorts,
(at the time they didn't sell animals).  So they took him in...and he was there for just over a year,
they took good care of him, but he still kept getting sick...a store just wasn't a good place for him.
The store knew we loved & took care of bunnies so when he got super sick to the point of dying,
they called us, we zoomed over right away & took him home over the weekend for
vigilant care & vet visits
(Jinny straight away started licking him all over, poor thing was so sick & she sensed it).
We knew he would just keep getting sick so I gathered up the courage
to implore the store employees to let us keep him...
they all thankfully agreed because they all cared for him too.
Now he Jinny's best friend, they are quite inseparable.
He makes us laugh because he's so silly & klutzy & well yes, still so grumpy, ha ha.
We love him oh so very very much...
and we're SO glad he's ours & that we're his and that he's here.
He's part of what makes our hearts tick & our home happy.
So happy 4th year Home Coming Apple Jaks....we love you baby.


Jenn said...

Smooches to Mr. Jaks. I teared up reading about his early life and am so glad you rescued this grumpy bunny. I was a new reader to your blog when you got Jaks and I cant believe it has been 4 years already!

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

Oh thanks Jenn...Jaks and I are completely honored that you've been following our little story for so long. Hugs to you. XXOO.

Deyfenn Slayd said...

Ah, our sweet Jaks! Grumpy? check. Irreplaceable? Check!