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Monday, July 8, 2013


Sometimes it's hard to feel like the world isn't trying to tangle you up on purpose!
Sometimes it's difficult to stay calm when you feel like your in such a mess &
the way out to a clear path is completely eluding you!
I feel like I am in that tangled mess right now even though in the grand scheme its a minuet problem.
My beautiful website has been hacked and my site provider took my site down completely.
All files are considered corrupted and have to be uploaded again, etc
and even more annoyingly, my email has been frozen until whatever the problem is can be fixed!!!
(so if you email me, I am not ignoring you)
Yet I can't fix anything right now, I have to wait & in the meantime I sit here and
wonder what long awaited opportunities I could be missing out on with my website not being up!!!
I don't think my website has been down for more than 24 hours in the last 15 years or more!
I so often just don't get people out there in the world...
Including hackers running amuck creating problems for good people & for what reason?
I feel like screaming.
Running a creative business is hard enough.
We creative entrepreneurs juggle 20 different facets of a business all on our own.
On top of single handedly making the goods, from our hearts & soul.
We almost 24/7 think & deal with the insurmountable task of getting those goods out to a world
with a million different wants, tastes, needs & quirks.
We keep going even when our rejection piles are way way bigger than our acceptance piles.
We are tenacious enough to keep toiling away even when migraines attack mercilessly &
continually drag us back 2 steps for every 1 we take forward.
We run against millions of other talented folks out there running business's too at the same time...
THEN we have to throw hackers into it!
(my Etsy Shop is just fine though, so do order a print or two to cheer yourself up & me too, ha ha!!!)
P.S. As of Wednesday evening EVERYTHING IS NOW FIXED....PHEW!
Thanks oodles to my site host who acted quickly and to my honey who came to my rescue as always.


Snap said...

Hang in there! Huggles-----

Deyfenn Slayd said...

Live everywhere in life, you have people who work, and the lazy, fearful a-holes who won't and resort to any easy route. Anyways, at least the site is back up and running with some new safe-guards in place.