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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bedtime Bunnies

Well I had a really good 2 weeks with next to no was awesome.
But 3 days ago head pain set in once again and my best laid plans have been waylaid!
But I will get back on the horse tomorrow the best I can
& if not tomorrow then as soon as I can!
Tis the life of an acute & chronic migraine/headache sufferer...
Always having to accept that plans change...
Always having to accept our physical limitations...
BUT that is a conversation for another day.
I really wanted to show you my bedtime bunny.
Ha she not just one of thee most adorable creatures ever
(and that's not just me being biased cause I am her mama, ha ha)

Every single night we walk into the bedroom to find Teela sitting on the bed,
patiently waiting & knowing that her dinner is on it's way.
(She eats on the bed whiles Yuuji eats on the floor...or else she gobbles up both dinner plates!!!)
She knows that after her dinner it's usually bedtime tea time with mom & dad,
so she stretches out on the bed & knows to wait until the tea is cool enough for her to have a sip.
Then she stretches out again and wants snuggles & pets for about 20 minutes,
then she jumps down to the floor to snuggle up with Yuuji under the bed for the night.
(Then by 8am she's chewing the walls to wake us up for breakfast! She's an endless pit!)
Its' the most precious routine,
minus the wall munching of course!
Rabbits are alot of work, they chew alot of stuff, they destroy alot of furniture,
when you have more than one & they aren't bonded they pee everywhere their not suppose to
BUT at the end of the day, they are just pure sweetness...just bunnies being bunnies.
I just had to share some of the sweetness before heading off to my bedtime bunny.
Sleep sweetly & Dream deeply
& hopefully, if my head allows, we'll see you back here tomorrow with a new painting.


Deyfenn Slayd said...


Bunnies being bunnies. That is exactly what it is....though it is the reason we are replacing all our nice pine baseboards with (even nicer in my opinion) teeth-proof ceramic ones (plus ceramic wall corners now also) :-D

Jenn said...

I was wondering if that was Teela. I love how your heart expands for a new generation id fur babies and their funny routines and antics. Such a little sweetie pie.