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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Now that our yard and little home are all wrapped up and ready for winter
and we're taking a tiny break from putting in our new floor, which has been such a big & tiring job!

I've been enjoying long days in my studio
and my head has really been behaving well (shouts of ecstatic YAYYY enter here!)
So whiles I feel behind as always, I also feel like I am getting tons done, I have lots show you all.

We've been rushing out to the beach or to our front yard to take in amazing sunsets.
I've been picking up feathers along the water side,
and my moms finding some on her walks for me too, for future mixed medias works.
I've been excitedly collecting driftwood for a jewelry series I am planning.

We've also been spending oodles of time stretched out on the floor with
favorite tv shows & bunnies & roaring fires & hot chocolates...
and bunnies begging for cookies!

It's just a lovely time of year where things feel like they are settling down & entering a calm phase.

Finally we turned our heat on!!!
We try to wait to turn it on at the beginning of November,
But my fingers & nose were turning to ice in my basement studio
so I am happily basking in the heat beautifully pumping out of our furnace, ha ha.
(it's the little things after all!)
Though waking up to a fire each morning &
enjoying one before bed for the last few weeks has been pretty awesome!
There's something about stacking wood & watching your man chop it, that is so very very cozy.

Bottom line:  We are ready to hibernate.

We are ready to hunker down and be all warm and cozy in our house with 6 bunnies.
We are ready to get lots of work done, me in my studio, Jonathan in his office.
We are ready to do little else on the weekends but watch tons of movies & make good food
...and all the other good good cozy stuff that winter brings.

Are you ready to hibernate and hunker down???

1 comment:

Deyfenn Slayd said...

I love hibernation! Part of the joy of living in the North.