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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


There are SO many ways to connect & keep in touch online nowadays.
I know Linkedin is a popular one so I finally set up a profile for myself.
I wanted to let you know here on my blog just incase it's a preferred method for you to keep in touch.
I think it's so important as entrepreneurs to keep trying out new venues to connect in.
Especially when you believe in what you make & sell
and when your advertising budget is non-existent!
I also think however that, since there are SO many places to sign up for that it's crucial
to be honest with ourselves and after a trial period,
keep what works and feels good and to ditch what isn't working.
 I really enjoy Twitter but I detest I am seriously thinking of deleting my f.b account.
Tell me, what are your absolute favorite networks???  Do tell.

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