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Friday, March 28, 2014

Alot Of Our Time & To Be Clear...

A lot of our evening and weekend time looks like this...
In our Jeep with Frenwyck, Teela and Yuuji trying to bond and forge a fuzzy trio!
They want to be friends, we can tell by certain behavior,
but Frenwyck just isn't 100% sure about how to go about it.  He's really trying though.
We've made progress and some kissing has been going on the last few times, which is a great sign.
We do so in the truck because it's a neutral space,
which is important because rabbits are very territorial.
And the movement of the truck usually takes their minds off attacking one another and instead
they will often seek comfort from one another, which allows them to get used to another bunny moving around them etc and eventually hopefully leads to the epiphany that 'hey I am not being hurt'.

You can't just take rabbits and throw them together and expect that they'll get way!
As cute as rabbits are,
they can be very very vicious towards other rabbits...
so one has to be careful, know what they are doing & move slowly to ensure no one gets hurts.
It's time consuming & doesn't always work out.  You have to be prepared for that.
Some times years will go by and suddenly a rabbit will fall in love with a certain furry
when all others before them were refused.  Rabbits are strange & confounding that way.
We'll be doing this routine with Jaks and his new little buddy really soon,
hopefully it doesn't take long, hopefully it happens, we know Jaks is typically a friendly dude and it sounds like the new buddy we picked out for him is a nice little guy, but you just never know.
(So we indeed do have a back up plan incase the 2 boys don't bond)...ugh!!!

We're pretty confident in knowing when to keep trying and when to give things a break.
Teela and Yuuji took months of trying before they just suddenly decided they loved each other
and now they are thick as thieves and completely adorable...
and unless you've been around a bonded rabbit pair,
well, it's hard to describe just how heart tugging insanely sweet it is.
(And because Easter is around the corner and sadly parents will be buying rabbits as presents)
I must stress that rabbits NEED loads of company,
they are NOT solitary animals...
if you have a bunny who is alone a lot, they will be very unhappy little creatures.
If you don't gently interact with them on a daily basis like I do with mine,
you won't have snuggle buns like you see on this blog.
AND sometimes even with all the love offered up in the world,
they still may never be snuggle buns...some rabbits are just not friendly,
some are grumps, just like people!
We've had a few of those in our time thus far & though disappointing we just have to find
happiness and satisfaction in knowing that we are keeping them warm, safe, healthy and loved.
Also if you cage a bunny & don't allow them time out of the cage to stretch and play
at least 3 or 4 hours a day, you will likely NOT see their wonderful personalities.
Bunnies need to be bunnies...
they need to run & get lots of exercise for healthy gut motility & happy spirits.
The only reason Jonathan and myself are comfortable having so many in our home
is because we both work from home (most of the time), we don't mind mess & destruction!
and we're both real homebodies & just spent a lot of time at home with them.
Life with rabbits isn't for everyone...
I must point this out because I know my blog makes bunnies very tempting for some people.
So help me spread the word. 
Be NOT buy a real rabbit as an Easter present.
(Unless your completely aware of the big commitment they are)
Make sure your advocating Chocolate Easter bunnies & feel free to spread this post around.
Thanks XO


Natascha said...

I wish my buns would bond but Gwenie is just nasty and would hurt Benny. I had a little rabbit attack my previous giant and it was a horrible injury. So mine are out all day separated and at night during snuggle time they snuggle together with me supervising and laying with them. I have no doubt Benny would get along with anyone. He's never gets mad at anything.
Gwenie is just a cranky old girl. She prefers human cuddles to animal cuddles. Best of luck with your new babies.

Jenn said...

Omg, Mandy. That third pic down of them cuddled together is the cutest picture ever! I love your bunny posts. I'm a doggie person myself, but I love it when people share their fur children.

Michele T said...

I didn't know all this about rabbits! Wow! They are beautiful and unique, but I will stick to the milk chocolate variety!! Hehehe I've heard too often how quickly they can multiply!!!

Deyfenn Slayd said... frustrating, it can go so well, and then get so ugly....but we will succeed.