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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Elsie and Henrie

Last Saturday in the wee hours of the morning we were on the snowy roads.
Driving almost 1000km once again to adopt two new bunnies from the shelter.
Long before Jinny passed, we agreed that we'd bring home a new little friend for Jaks.
So when looking at the adoption pages, we noticed that two older buns were still there
from over a year ago when we went to get Frenwyck and they called to us big time.
So we decided to open up a previously 'bunny-free' room to these 2 big bunnies
(On top of the little guy we adopted to hopefully bond with our Jaks).
Jaks's buddy was really sick and not cleared to go home with us but we couldn't wait to get
Henrie & Elsie, especially not when they've been there well over a year already.
We wanted the new babes home asap.
2 separate trips, even though exhausting, expensive & long is actually ideal in our minds
because it allowed us to concentrate on settling in Henrie & Elsie first. 

We are completely confounded as to why this duo was at the shelter for SO long.
They were apparently surrendered when their owners condo board changed the rules to 'no pets'.
They are beautiful rabbits.
But sadly it's probably a mixture of their older age (almost 4), the red eyes and the bigger size.
On top of an excited and super happy heart, I am admittedly struggling with alot of guilt,
that they were there this WHOLE time...
I remember seeing them when we went to get Frenwyck.
But Jonathan keeps telling me that it just wasn't the right time...
to be happy that we acted on it and that they are here NOW!

It's always SO insanely satisfying to see the adoption sign up on their pens.
(as you can see Henrie's name was Perry but we changed it after my favorite Aunt & Uncle)
We snuggled and feel in love with abunch of the other bunnies,
oh my's so hard and feels cruel to pick & choose, but you just have to don't you!
We've been SO impressed & proud of all the shelter buns, because despite the long long drive,
they all do super super well in the truck.  And it's a great time for me to bond whiles Jon drives.
Although 48 hours prior and the whole entire day I had a super bad splitting migraine,
so it was difficult for sweetheart was massaging my head any chance he had...
But I was too happy to let the pain stop me from going to get them or from smiling...
and the whole time in the shelter I actually completely forgot about the pain, ha ha!

Henrie & Elsie & I patiently waited in the truck
whiles Jonathan got us pizza & sushi for the haul back home.
Once the sun went down, the two feel fast asleep.  They were pooped.
But you could tell that they knew they were in good hands.
Elsie was out of the travelling cage within 10 seconds, ha ha.
They usually take longer than that.

Henrie was popcorning & zooming within 10 minutes, ha ha.  It was so awesome to see.

They are a super sweet bonded and sister...awww.
Always snuggling & kissing.
They are our biggest buns yet at almost 10 pounds each (heavier than our Roo even).
They seem to LOVE their room.  It's pretty big and perfect for these big bunnies.
Elsie loves the couch.
It just feels SO perfect to have them here... 

and SO FAR they are so well behaved.  We are super impressed.
They seem to have settled in super fast and they seem to love it here
which makes my heart grow a million times.
I know the shelter takes great care of them
but there's nothing like a loving forever home for these beautiful sweethearts. 

The shelter said they were super snuggly rabbits and holy smokes are they ever.
Especially Elsie, she'll cuddle for hours on end.  It's really very very awesome.
We've been taking turns sleeping in the room with them at night...just for the first little bit,
to make sure they feel safe and also to see what they get up to,
incase we've missed anything in our bunny-proofing.
Who wouldn't want to wake up to these two gentle giants smooshed up against your pillow, ha ha.
So that was our big wonderful news.
Elsie & Henrie have joined our family.
And we could be happier about it.
They are awesome and amazing. 

Welcome home new babies...welcome home.  XXOO.
(p.s.  We'll introduce you to the new little guy as soon as we bring him home & he's settled in).


Snap said...

Elsie & Henrie have found heaven on earth with you two. Yippee for all!

Natascha said...

So adorable. Reminds me of Chippy my first pet rabbit. Looks like the black eared one. My dad was in the military and we moved overseas and thankfully my parents paid to take him with me. He traveled with us everywhere we went in our RV then made it back to the US and my first apartment. :)Smiles on a good bun and to yours finding a good home finally.

Deyfenn Slayd said...

"The Bigguns"..I mean, they are soooo big. 24 pounds of rabbit, almost 6 feet if they stretch end to end together. So glad they are here.