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Monday, March 31, 2014


We went back to that oh so far away place that we respect & appreciate so much...

to pick up our sweetie pie.
He was finally cleared to come home with us and to Jaks.
Everyone meet Emmett...
He came from another shelter in Quebec that was shut down, so he came to the THS very very sick.
He is considered a special needs adoption but we are aware of all that entails
(Frenwyck & Flynn were special need cases as well).
He went through a lot & the good people at the shelter went through a lot to get him well again.
He is a lionhead & 1.7 years old.  He's spent most of his life in the shelter system.
We loved the name Emmett, so we kept it as such.
He's a such a sweetie...abit squittish and nervous but that's okay,
he's come to the right place that understands that buns need time,
he's come to a gentle home full of patience & understanding & we're confident that he'll settle in.

He did really well on the drive home and was cuddled in my arms pretty much the whole time.
My arms felt like they were going to fall off
but apparently I was his comfort spot so I sure as heck wasn't going to let him go, ha ha.
Luckily the drive back home only took the usual 4 hours instead of 7 that it took for Henrie & Elsie.
This little guy is so soft and he smells sooo good...I can't stop smelling him, ha ha.
You know how babies have that sweet baby smell...he has that soft warm wonderful bunny smell.

I absolutely hate having him in a pen...but for now it's a necessity until the two boys are bonded.
They get turns on each side to help battle the whole territorial thing...
So far Jaks is VERY interested in Emmett and Emmett seems like a really laid back little dude.
The very first bonding session in the truck went so well and they were kissing each other abit
within half an hour...but we try not to get too excited and we'll be taking things really slow.
One thing is for Jaks and Emmett take to one another,
we sure are glad this special long-eared love has come home to us...
he's now proudly part of our little sanctuary/warren.
Welcome home Emmett baby...welcome home our new love.


Snap said...

Emmett is a lucky little guy ...


Natascha said...

Oh what an adoreable bun! So glad for you all! Hope he adjusts well!

deb said...

sweet Emmett {love that name} ♥
congratulations on your newest family member xo

Donna of Lavender Rabbit said...

we love, love, love our lionheads.. bit more skittish than most buns.. but they are SO lovable and fun!

Lisa b said...

He is one cute bunny!
Congratulations. :-)

Deyfenn Slayd said...

Emmett...our little "brownie" or maybe "the zombunnie" ;-)