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Thursday, April 3, 2014


She's an elegant little bun and her name is Aireadney
She is another little 5 x 7" coloured pencil on a painted wood canvas.
Her lineage is most impressive...
it goes back to Edwardian times where her ancestors were
the first hand-maidens to the sad but stately Mary Stuart, otherwise known as 'Queen of Scots'.
For 26 years, from 1542 to 1567, Aireadney's ancestors dressed the royal monarchy.
They ran the whole show from design, to measuring, to making,
they were trusted to use their indisputable elegant taste to select fabrics from around the globe,
right down to the daily selection of wardrobe and my goodness this in itself was a full time job because we all know the monarchy changes clothes for every event of the day including all 3 meals!
Inspired by her lineage, Aireadney now proudly own her own Edwardian costume empire...
her driving inspiration of course coming from the fashions her ancestors toiled over.
Though Aireadney cleverly designs each piece so that no torturous corsets are needed!
Her biggest clients come worldwide from Stratford/Shakespearean play houses.
and she does on occasion accept custom orders from royal princesses...but only if she likes them!


Michele T said...

Oh my what a history! She is indeed lovely and staturely!! (does that sound right?!)

Deyfenn Slayd said...

Great image...great story. Whens the book again?