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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Smile, the Hard Part is Over's good to be back.
I don't think a 'real' blogger can ever stay away from their blog space for too long, ha ha.
Whenever I am away, my brain is making blogging notes and
I think constant "oh gotta tell everyone about this and that..." ha ha!
I came upon this sign after climbing a steep set of hills,
you know the kind that makes you breathless, feel old, outta shape
and question what the hell your on this hill for, ha ha!
I loved it...
I thought 'ah why can't life give us more signs like this'....
just kind little reminders that we're over the hurdles...
that we're re-entering some calm space...
that we're tough nuts and can handle a lot all at once
& that all is well!
It's felt like a rough past few month to be honest.
I mean life is always tricky, there's always some kind of hurdle or another, daily most likely.
This isn't me's just me sighing a big breathe of release and relief!
It's me recognizing that I've had a rough go.
Sometimes it's extra hard when you know you have some healing & mending to do but
you just don't have the energy or space or time to do so...things start feeling even more muddled.
Jinny getting super sick than dying and passing away in my arms
(was, as always so hard on us, body & soul).
I've been telling myself 'DO BETTER'...
when one of the rabbits is sick, just be better, deal with it better!
SO, I tried to keep my business up and in her final week, I had a big magazine article due &
well, it felt very tricky for me to navigate that with a dying animal at the exact same time.
Than on top of sore hearts, we worried over Jaks, he missed his girl, he was lonely,
his eating dropped, his poops got really small (which is not a good sign in bunnies).
Than I had a solo exhibition I was preparing for...which is easy for some but never for me.
Headaches have been in high gear, the new meds that I thought were helping seemed
to stop working and the insistent pain has just been leaving me feeling very depleted...
and even somewhat weary for spring & summer...seasons that typically take a lot of energy!
Than we had 3 new bunnies to settle in...which we are still doing...they are still very new.
Emmett doesn't feel like he's settling...
he wants a buddy but none of our little monsters are accepting him yet which has been well...rotten!
But today is feeling better.
Taxes are done and my April newsletter was sent out on time...(it's the little things after all, ha ha!).
I've been invited to showcase my portfolio with a very impressive (& intimidating)
collection of artists online, so that's being set up right now.
I was delightfully surprised with a phone call from CBC this morning wanting to interview me and get the dish on my show, yay (thanks again so much Jenifer, it was lovely chatting with you).
I've reconnected with some souls that were and are very dear to me so that's feeling good.
I am SO excited and happy with the work I am putting forth right now.
So yes...things are feeling better...
and the jazz is on & I have rabbits surrounding me & an afternoon for art ahead of me,
so it's a good good day.
How are you doing???


Misty said...

Lovely post!!! Sometimes life trips me up and I have a difficult time getting back on my feet... my art usually suffers for it. Thank you for reminding me to smile. :)

deb said...

love that sign :-)and all your wonderful, exciting news! looking forward to hearing more about it.
hugs to your sweet buns especially Emmett ~ hope he finds his special spot in the tribe ♥
happy may.

Deyfenn Slayd said...

Life is up and down...and we are stuck on the ride. That's why it is sooo important to enjoy when things are good :-)

ps, Emmett will integrate, he's just been though a lot.