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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Celebrating Jaks

Yesterday we celebrated Jaks's 5th year with us, making him atleast 7 years old...
He's a sweetie that's for sure
But he's not exactly what I would call 'an easy rabbit'.
From the get-go he's had tummy issues, a form of ICS like Flynn,
which means a yucky messy tush most days,
requiring lots of butt baths and loads of floor cleaning!
He's done his fair share of racking up huge vet bills & giving us huge amounts of stress!
And he's never liked to be picked up or touched really...
he can be a biter and he has the rabbit kung-fu karate chop down pat, that's for sure, ha ha!
All this for good reason though, so we ignore it all & concentrate on the sweet side of him.
(read some of his story here)

BUT once he is in your arms he loves to snuggle
and gives tons of sweet neck & finger kisses like no other bun
(well I get tons, Jonathan's gotten like 2 licks in the last 5 years, ha ha!)
He has this cute little gityup to his hop that always makes us smile.
He has an endearingly hard time going down stairs.
He can rip a box apart like no one else and he zooms around the yard with such joyfulness.
He is doing just fine without his Jinny, which we're so proud of but than again,
he is one of the founding members of our tough-nut clan.
He's our Jaky-Boo...we wouldn't trade him for anything.
He's a sweet little guy who just came from a very rotten and difficult beginning.
 He's helped to teach us, as rabbit parents, that we must embrace the uniqueness of every rabbit.
He's taught us to be loving & gentle and to accept each bun as they are.
So yes....Happy 5th year homecoming sweet Jaky.  We love you.


Jenn said...

Five years already??? I remember when you talked about bringing him home! You are dedicated bunny mom with his sensitive tummy issues. I just realized Trixie has been with me for one year this month!

Michele T said...

Sending Birthday wishes to Jaks... He sounds like quite the character and he is a handsome fella too!

Michelle May-The Raspberry Rabbits said...

Sending him lots of happy wishes for his birthday and buniversary with you! Sugie had the same issues. I've been told it is common in this breed of bunny. Jaks is truly blessed to have such a loving mom and dad. :)

Deyfenn Slayd said...

We definitely love Jaks...he is a sweetie and don't regret him coming to us at all.