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Monday, June 2, 2014

Stories, Dreams & In Between Exhibition

My 4th solo exhibition 'Stories, Dreams & In Between'
was pulled down a couple weeks ago.
I am so very very happy with how it all went.
The show was well attended during it's run and
the closing reception was wonderful and very busy with over 200 people coming through.
I wish I could have bottled up the energy and good vibes I was receiving.
I wish I could have recorded all of the amazing comments and
lovely conversations & connections made...
it was humbling and exciting and had me buzzing for quite some time after.

It was an awesome realization that I really really needed at this point in time...
that people love my work and
that it's striking chords with young and old and male and female.
It was also a great chance for me to let people read the quirky little stories I come up
with for some of my characters...I admit, I was REALLY nervous to do so
but they got such great response.  I saw people reading every single story I put up, laughing and smiling and turning around to grab someone to share it with...I LOVED THAT. It felt priceless.
All my thanks to the W.K.P Kennedy Gallery, to Alex Campbell the director,
to Sheila the indispensable gallery docent/volunteer.  To all my family & friends who came out
and to everyone else, known & new who came by, your encouragement means the world...
it was truly wonderful, my favorite showing yet.


Michele T said...

It looks like it was an amazing show!!! You are very creative and talented and this is not only seen in your artwork but now you have revealed a writing ability too! Maybe your stories and artwork could be combined to create a book?

deb said...

a stunning display of your gorgeous work mandy! congratulations on your success.

Deyfenn Slayd said...

Your show was amazing. Something for everyone. The stories were a hit also! Here's to the next one!