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Monday, June 23, 2014

Tamsin, Trafalski, Tamina and Thibbs

The old adage 'Nature is red in tooth and nail' is sadly very true
and I am always acutely aware of the fact that rabbits are a prey animal...
even house rabbits, have a very strong flight reflex.
Once in a while I like to give my tender heart a break and let it roam loose in an imaginary
world where rabbits are safe and live peacefully alongside all of the animals.
So everyone meet one of my little forest protectors and animal wranglers,
the 4th and possibly final character in the series,
the lovely, the heart strong mademoiselle Tamsin and her motley furry feathered crew...
"Tamsin, Trafalski, Tamina and Thibbs"
Here's a closer look...
(I was working on this image when Jinny was sick,
so I purposely made the one rabbit in her beautiful bluish grey coloring)

And yep, you guessed it...
patiently waiting to be whisked off to your lovely little homes.
As always, thanks so much for stopping in for a visit.
All of the bunnies and I are hoping that summer is treating you and yours very well.


Snap said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

Lisa said...

Beautiful! Thank you for giving us close up shots of all the details you put in to this piece. your talent constantly amazes me! :)
Hugs xoxo

Deyfenn Slayd said...