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Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Exclusive Party

Oh boy have I ever been having a rough go with another really bad 3.5 day migraine from hell!
So it's feeling like the most perfect time to show you this new illustration of mine
because Jonathan & I pride ourselves on living our own unique lives.
We don't try to fit in...we rarely ever do.
We've learnt that together with our motley crew of long-earred loves
(& sometimes a bird or squirrel or ground hog thrown in too!)
that it's only the little group of us that needs to 'get it' because it's us who live & love this life.
So yes, with me being out of commission yet again,
I can't help but embrace this precious little island of sorts we've created together.
Despite the negativity of the pain and all that that entails
I still feel richly surrounded
by beauty, goodness, love, endless gentle support
and my sweet motley crew of beautiful pals...
I am on an island with my love of loves that I never never ever ever want to's's us...
it's "The Exclusive Party"
(It's an 11 x 12 coloured pencil on paper with a metal key & acrylic paint all on a wooden panel)
(the original is NOT for sale BUT lovely 8 x 10" prints are available already).
So yup if you guessed that it was a portrait of sorts of my love & I than you would indeed be correct.
I think the detailing deserves a closer look...
So this image is to celebrate unity, love, support
and the beauty of a unique life.
It's for all of those couples &friends out there who feel like they
together create their very own private & amazing world.
It's for those out there who don't have the need for a million friends...only a few true blue ones.
It's for those who only share the secret key of their beautiful self-made kingdoms with kindred spirits.
It's for all of you who recognize exactly what you have...
for those who want to live as much as humanely possible on & in their own
unique beautiful shining light/island.
It's for those who embrace and appreciate the beauty & abundance
of their own uniqueness & their own exclusive and elusive party!
Prints are indeed already in the shop.

1 comment:

Deyfenn Slayd said...

Nothing wrong with our exclusive party :-D