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Friday, August 15, 2014

Good Summer So Far

They've been having fun...the sweet sweet buns...
Elsie is abit of a drama queen and screams when we pick her up but once outside, she's pretty happy.
I think if Emmett were allowed, he's live outside!...until the mosquitoes come out that is!
Frenwyck is happiest when we sit and watch him...he likes an audience for all his silly antics.

Henrie learnt the ropes really early on and explores the yard like no ones business.

Jaks prefers to stay inside, even when allowed out, he usually brings himself back in, ha ha.

Yuuji is our digging king but has thankfully seemed to get over the sad filling in of his burrow! 

Flynn, our little growling grump loves being out and moves about almost constantly.

And Tee-Tee is admittedly my most favorite to be outside with...she's just pure sunshine that one.

All in all, despite it being a wet summer, they are having a good summer so far...
just incase you were wondering, ha ha!

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