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Friday, August 29, 2014

She Nurtured Her Kindred Spirits

This is to date, my favorite illustration yet.
"She Nurtured Her Kindred Spirits"
This is one of those rare occasions where the tangible turns out better than what was floating about
in my head.  I love the mood I achieved with the painted background mixed with the
crispness & fun of the foreground bits.
Here's a closer look...

This image is for any animal lover.
Especially those who love the coziness of rain and of September...
It's for those souls like me, who rush outside everyday to feed the furry monkeys out there
as well as any monkeys you may have inside.
And yeppers, you once again guessed it.  Prints are already sitting in my shop for you.
Thanks SO much for dropping in this week....see you all next week.  XXOO.


Natascha Rieper said...

Lovely art piece!

deb said...

I love your images Mandy because the antics/personalities shown are exactly how I imagine them to be :-) squirrels holding umbrellas and birds in kerchiefs ... of course! love all the wonderful whimsy ♥
have a fantastic long weekend xo