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Monday, September 15, 2014

Back To The Office

Well my honey's telework application was not renewed so it's back to the office full-time he goes...
There's no sense in being upset about it...
We had him here with us working from home 3 days out of a 5 day work week for the past 13 months and it was so awesome but we knew it wasn't going to be a permanent schedule.
Still, all that being said, I've been partly dreading September for this reason.
I've been keeping my fingers crossed...waiting with baited breathe.
I've loved having my love home with me so much, I've treasured it & the rabbits loved it too.
I'll have to dote on Frenwyck for abit for he's going to miss having his daddy home the most...
he was always quiet and despondent when Jon went into the 'real' office Thursday & Fridays.
But it's all about attitude & perspective right...
Having him home for the last 13 months has, like I said been heaven & we appreciate the experience.
And he does goes back to the office full of lovely people & great co-workers
and to a pretty spectacular view of the skies and lake.
So a new shift of schedule is upon us and we're gonna embrace it the best we can.

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