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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Duck in Ink & Dishes In The Bathroom

Hi ya everyone...
How's is your day so far?
Before I rush off to my treadmill, I wanted to show you another drawing I just finished up.
I am so happy I've discovered a love for ink drawing and doing so in black & white.
I am really feeling very pleased about these inklings of mine
(even if my last one was so horrible, I tossed it in the fire, ha ha!)
I am so loving them mixed in with my usual super colorful work...
I am honestly surprised because I never expected my color-loving heart to so readily accept B & W.
I've even been adding these new ink drawings to my Creative Source portfolio,
that's how confident I am in them...which is just awesome.
Well amidst some big projects outside being worked on furiously still....
Amidst a kitchen reno on the go (doing dishes in the bathroom for a week was long enough for me!)
Amidst long hours being put in on my new website...
Amidst lots of headaches, pouring rain keeping us all indoors, bunny snuggling, etc...
I did manage one last update on my current site, do check it out
(but keep in mind it's a flash site & not available on tablets or phones, hence the new one coming!)
I feel a little sad about leaving it but excitement over the new site will make it easier to let it go.
I hope your having a wonderful Wednesday...
the bunnies are happy, the jazz is tinkling, the sun is shining, the leaves are falling!
& my honey & I are anxiously waiting to see if his work-at-home app will be accepted or denied.

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