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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sharing A Muddled Day...You Don't Mind Do You?

You know by now that here on this blog of mine,  I tend to keep to the joyful & cheerful.
You get yucky days.  I get yucky days.
But I always figure that if I am lucky enough to have you visit me here, I want to offer you
positive things like inspiration, joy, colour, whimsy, purity & sweetness...
if only but to momentarily take you away from your present muckiness.
I try not to complain or vent, it's not why I invite you here.
But, I am having one of those days where things are feeling muddled & messy.
One of those days where everything I touch screws up.
(Like my printer...I want to mercilessly murder it right now or at least kick it down the stairs!)
The smallest everyday studio task suddenly today feels like climbing a mountain with bad shoes on!
I am feeling stressed all the sudden when yesterday I was feeling blissful & balanced.
I know it's for all kinds of reasons,
poor sleep, headaches & allergies are contributing no doubt but really it's nothing in particular at all.
It's just one of those of those days that every one gets.
Chaos of house renos is getting under my skin too.
I try not to dwell because I know how lucky we are to be doing house reno's at all.
To be making our sweet little home even lovelier is gratifying & great...I know this...I do.

Yet, dust covers everything.  Everything that I just cleaned!
One big thing leads to 10 small things before you can get back to getting that one big thing done!
With house reno's things always have to get worse before they get better, I know this too.
(it doesn't help that my upper studio is all messed up right now due to a big window installation we undertook last week! We can't decide on something, other things pulled us away, so it to sits undone).
It's just one of those days where my energy just isn't matching up with all that needs to get done.
I just wanna nap!
and truthfully my head is just abit too sore to be the 100% that I wanna be today!
But in writing all this, I realize, I am not complaining or venting or bitching, I am sharing & that's ok.
Because what's the point of blogs if we're not sharing from our authentic selves right!?
Maybe knowing that I am stuck in muckiness too will help you outta yours?  who knows!
And in writing this, it's focused me enough to realize that I need to stop.
I need to stop & go to the water.  Because being near water always soothes me.
How do I forget that though!  How on earth does that happen!
I am in the middle of messiness and dust, yes...but I'd really rather be nowhere else.
So, I am stopping...just for abit.
I am going to pop some codeine, grab a bottle of water & I am going to go sit by the water.
It'll help balance me & help me to steep in the gratitude that I should more easily be soaking up.
What do you do to get yourselves out of muddled times?


Biscuit said...

But, YOUR art is lovely still! Sorry, about your muddled day. Poor dear.

Natascha Rieper said...

With such a beautiful view, you will feel better in no time!
Hope your day gets much better!

Natascha Rieper said...

With such a beautiful view, you will feel better in no time!
Hope your day gets much better!

Ann-Margaret {Ann-Margaret's Visions} said...

Go to the water!!! ~ Yep, that's what I do, too!! And, you are so right..sometimes it feels like the "day" or chaos has to give me a big punch for me to realize where my soul (and, toes!) needs to head! How awesome that we can go to these places! So sorry you were having a crazy day, but I'm oh, so glad that you went to that special place (just beautiful it is!) to relieve some of that stress. :) Thanks for sharing your heart and keeping it real...I have these days, too, sweet chick! Hugs!!

stephanie amos said...

My friend, I have those days to. More than I'd like to admit. Thanks for sharing yours with us today. I hope the water made it all better! xo

Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy said...

Got to the water...felt so much better:D Thanks for the kindness my friends. Hugs to you all.