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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I'll Be Back On The 20th

Migraines & bad headaches have been seriously kicking my ass these last couple of weeks.
I've been trying to be stubborn & work through the pain but one night got so bad I almost called 911.
And now, I also have some tummy bug to contend with SOOO....
I am going to take a teeny tiny break from the blog to regroup my wits, patience, stamina
and all that good stuff that one needs in huge amounts to run a small indie business!
I'll be back...hmmm...let's say on October 20th.  See you again than.  XO


deb said...

feel better mandy xo

Karen M said...

I hope you feel better quickly, Mandy. Maybe some extra bunny cuddles would do the trick!

Natascha Rieper said...

Hope you feel better, I was sick last weekend with a head cold and cough! 😒

Lisa b said...

I did not realize how bad they have been. So sorry to hear this :(
Hope you are getting some down time.
hugs xoxo