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Friday, October 31, 2014

This Week

I've been finding the news so difficult to take these last couple weeks,
especially with the attack & murder of Cpl. Nathan Cirrilo at our parliament hill in Ottawa
& all the scary Ebola news...
so I've been diving into rabbit time & snuggles even more so lately.
Just laying on the floors hanging out with my babies is one of the best ways to settle my whole being.
So from that perspective...
from the floor with blankets & pillows. surrounded by bunnies in every room to hug & love,
with an Alice Hoffman constantly tucked under arm...and jazz tinkling & candles flickering....
The week was good and looked a little something like this....
It was good until Wednesday A.M. that is!
That's when Jaks stopped eating completely and went into g.i.stasis
(which fellow rabbit parents know is very serious & can quickly kill buns).
So medical bromide injections, Gas-X tablets, belly rubs, critical care feedings, forced movement,
very little sleep, etc were also our part of our week for 48 hours. 
Jaks is eating today though, so it's looking like he's on the mend, thank goodness.
He's the last of the original 'tough-nut' clan & the bridge to the new brigade.
Well it's time to turn off all the lights and hunker down with my guy & some take out,
It's time for our ritual Halloween 'Walking Dead' marathon.
Nightie night all & Happy weekend.

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