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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Snuggling It Up With Snores

My days have been feeling very rabbit-centric.
The weather has been so rotten, wet, damp and yucky that it's extra lovely to cozy up to the bunnies,
especially with a roaring fire sparking and crackling away in the fireplace.
I've learnt to allow myself extra bunny-time when I feel the need for it...
their precious life spans are so short after-all.
So indeed, coziness has been abundant lately...we've been venturing out little as possible and just
staying in and basking in the warmth of a cozy home full of cozy rabbits.

 We've had Gregory Porter albums on constantly...more inklings are in the making...
beautiful healthful food is being made...movies are being caught up's been good...
but I tell ya one of my most favorite things in this whole wide world is something SO so simple...
It's the sound of a rabbit snoring...and yes, they do snore...
Teela snores louder than a person & I LOVE it so so much, ha ha!
What's one of your favorite sounds ever?

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