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Monday, December 21, 2015

Bata Shoes With My Bestie

My bestie, Judit, lives rather far from me & I only get to see her once or twice a year...
once or twice that is, if I am able to travel to the city, which is sometimes impossible with the buns
and it's a bit too tricky for her to come my way because the usual 4-5 hour trip
ends up being an exhausting 7 or 8 hours with her little one, ha ha.
But last time in the city, I did get to spend a whole day with her
and we decided to visit the Bata shoe museum together...
it never matters what we do,
as soon as we're together, we're home, we're with family
and we feel settled and warm and hugged and happy.
One of the many things that binds us in friendship is our love for history and historical fiction...
I took a lot of photos but it was the Victorian wing that really had us intrigued and interested...
We weren't aware of what a horrible toll fashion, especially shoes
and crinoline cages took on the 18th century ladies and gentlemen.
Right from the horrific conditions of picking the cotton for the fabrics etc to the super poor and dangerous working conditions for the bone-weary souls who were the makers, right down to the people who actually wore the clothes who were often times poisoned to death because their dresses and shoes contained high levels of containments like arsenic and lead!
We also had no idea that way back when there was no left and right shoes, only one to fit both sides!
Or that corsets and such dress cages actually killed woman because they were so flammable,
unfortunate woman would go up in an horrific blaze of no escape if they happened to near a candle!
Or all the poor little kids who died because they were put in pretty blue or red velvet shoes
not knowing that that particular dye was more poisonous any other colour...holy crap!
Can't you imagine....
we'll we walked out of there feeling rather quite grateful for our comfy jeans & comfortable boots!
(for more of my Bata Shoe photos just visit my Flickr album...
it's a catch all for many shots I don't show here on the blog)

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