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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New Adventures

Whew, I am finding this post difficult to start,
 being the very first post after telling you about Frenwyck, it feels too normal somehow!
but also because I've had a super bad migraine all week,
but here I go, I'll keep it simple and short for both reasons.
I am diving into a brand new medium that I've been so anxious & excited to try...
I have always loved wool and had a stash already started because I crochet a tiny bit.  Than...
my encouraging hon spoiled me rotten & surprised me with an amazing & beautiful new assortment.
Than my Mom went through her wool stash & gave me a whole wonderful whack.
And after a nasty experience of buying myself a loom & supplies from a shop online, having them
rip me off, steal my money and close up shop!  My honey & my Dad swooped in and saved the day by making me this lovely loom together (which makes it so much more awesome than a bought one).
I have a steep learning curve but my heart & fingers are buzzing with anticipation.