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Monday, January 25, 2016

The Book Pile

Forgive my absence last week, I was suppose to be back to blogging as normal
but a super bad 3+ day long migraine kept me away from any semblance or a normal routine!
Today I wanted to share my 2015 book pile with you all...
it wasn't a stellar reading year but what can you do, life gets in the way sometimes doesn't it, ha ha!
These 4 I absolutely loved.
Alice Hoffman continues to be my favorite author with Sarah Addison Allen a close 2nd.
Though these 6 don't quite make me favorites pile, they were really good...

 and these 4 I didn't care for so much, a couple of them felt like a real chore to get though in fact!
I am sure other people might love them but I did not.  To each their own opinion and all that jazz!

Did you read any spectacular books that you would recommend??
As always, feel free to do your own book pile post and share the link in the comments below.
Well I am off to more studio tidying and than an afternoon with watercolours.
As soon as it's sunny, I'll be able to take some photos and show you my latest work.
See you soon XO

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