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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Coloring Page, Kindness & Easter Oh My!

So you know on this dear blog of mine
I try to spread some knowledge and kindness about house rabbits
and with Easter just around the corner I am already thinking about
all the sweet precious bunnies that will sadly be bought as Easter presents
and about how many of those Easter bunnies end up in a shelter (sometimes not such a good 'shelter')
or worse how they are 'let lose' in the wild and therefore sent to certain awful death
because, let's face it, house rabbits just don't have the skills to survive on their own in the wild.
So much sadness is about to ensue just because people don't research house rabbits first.
It's quite plain and simple...Rabbits aren't for everyone.
So for the next couple of weeks I'll be doing special posts on the days I usually don't blog...
These posts will hopefully spread the word to people (especially to parents)
to think before they purchase a bunny as an Easter present.
And that, if we can't discourage the purchasing of a rabbit for Easter
than hopefully we can encourage the route of adoption over pet shop buying.

Now usually these sweet colouring pages of mine
are just for the sweet group who are signed up to "Keep In Touch"
BUT this month and this month only,
in an attempt to spread some kindness and knowledge
I am going to offer you this coloring page of mine for free
All you have to do is share my blog link
anywhere on your social media, be it on your own Blogs, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc... 
just tell me where & when your doing so in an email (email me at
and I'll happily email you back with the page and a big thank you for helping me spread the word
about how awesome rabbits are but how they shouldn't be an impulse Easter purchase
Sound Good?
And even if you don't want the colouring page, I encourage you to share these posts anyways.

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