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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Min-Min, Meep, Emmett My Sweet

This week we celebrate Emmett's (aka Min-Min or Meep) 2nd year homecoming.
He was adopted close to Easter yes indeedy, but the shelter we go to knows us well
and they knew that us bringing him home had nothing whatsoever to do with Easter.
He's such a little sweetie but he definitely has his trust issues & he is still absolutely terrified of dogs.

He's been sick the past couple of weeks so we've had our hands full because our
Jaky Boo stopped eating just the week before as well (but that was due to gas) ugh!
Min has always been prone to g.i.stasis and getting him back on track just doesn't seem
as easy as with the others for whatever reason and that's always very stressful and scary.
Min-Min had a rough go before he came here...he was in a Quebec shelter for reasons unknown to us
and that shelter was not a good place, it was thankfully shut down and he was transferred to the
Toronto Humane Society but he was in bad shape, malnourished, not eating, very unhappy, etc...
He was considered a special needs adoption because of his health problems
but we signed off on all that and the shelter knew we knew what we were getting into.
We still see residual anger and mistrust from his bad beginnnings, poor little guy...
but he's come a long way & now he's besties with Korra-Soleil so things will only get better.
Love Love Love you our dear little Meep.

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