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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Serendipity (Don't ya just love that word)

I was seeking out a table...
I knew I wanted one for our living room.
I had fallen in love with a set at the furniture shop near by but I eventually had to give
into the fact that it was way too expensive and also way too big and tall
for our somewhat small and well used living room!
But I wasn't giving up, I knew I wanted a table in this specific spot
even though I knew it would likely not be used for dinners
but for other things like sorting, watercolour days and okay maybe quick lunches.
Than low and behold!
A few months back at the beginning of winter,
I was on my way somewhere and there sitting in the dark of the night,
gleaming all pretty and white was a whole dining set, a table and it's 4 chairs,
just tossed in a snow bank, forgotten and unloved, all wet and full of snow.
I eagerly knocked on the door of the house just to make extra sure it was free for the taking
and upon confirmation, I wrestled it all into the Jeep like a gleeful little bandit.
I knew it was just what I was looking for in that space.
I love it and I was right, it is well used and very handy
and we have even used it for dinner a couple times!
Don't ya just love it when things are serendipitous!

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