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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April Snow War...Winner...Brute Force Attack With Jeep!

Some people don't believe that our climate is changing!
 Than how is a foot and a half of snow in 48 hours IN APRIL happening?!
Oh my goodness...this was just the other week...thankfully for a 2nd time it's looking like Spring.
The poor buns are so so sick of the white stuff.
(Well except for Yuuji, he's a snow bunny).
Every morning we open the door to let them see outside and at this point they aren't even
going out for their usual 5 to 10 minute constitutional!
They sniff, get this look of disdain on their faces, turn right around and go back to bed, seriously!
It was a horrible weekend, because whilst I found the thick falling snow cozy & beautiful,
my head disagreed and since barometric pressure is my biggest headpain trigger, it was no party!
I had a monster migraine...I did my absolute best to help my sweet hon bun shovel,
but alas, we only got so far before putting our throbbing noggins together
and deciding that a simple brute force attack would be most efficient!
So we used our Jeep to make two big pathways and that was that...the rest could melt on it's own.
You gotta pick your battles after all don't ya!!!

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