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Friday, April 22, 2016

Fine Line Fishy Lines

Aside from lots of sketching
I've been diving back into work with my ink pens.
It's the perfect thing to curl up with when having to rest my head from the couch or bed.
I hope that you'll be joining us here next week?
because I'll show you two brand new fishy inklings.
(Here's a tiny sneak peek for now...)
Don't forget, if you see work here on my blog or on the main website or even on Instagram,
that not all work gets added to my shop, not right away atleast,
so if your even remotely interested in something don't hesitate to send me a note,
I never ever mind an email with your questions and sending an email doesn't obligate you to buy.
I can give you extra info and photos if that's what your craving in order to make your decision.
I can also give you the exact S&H costs once I know your postal info.
You don't have to fret about payment because I'll send you a really simple invoice via Paypal
and payment with c.card or debit cards from there is super duper easy & fast.

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