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Monday, April 18, 2016

Things I Need & Growth Underway

I've been realizing with much quicker clarity these days
that I mostly just need simple things.
Such as days where I care and dote on present time that's 8 sweet rabbits.
I need, no matter what we're doing, as much time as possible with my beautiful bearded hon bun.
I need days and nights full of time for making joyful and whimsical things.
I need calmness and time to take care of myself and my head pain.
I need time to make our sweet sanctuary of a home cozier day by day.
I need abundant beauty which encompasses a whole whack of lovely things such as beautiful music
tinkling through the house, inspirational books that make my heart tingle, time by & on the water,
slow mornings with good coffee, healthful vegetarian fare to eat, time with my folks, etc....
because all these things are as necessary as air to my lungs.
 Now more than every I am acutely aware that I get to live things all things
pretty much every single day...if I go about my days smartly...
sure some days are more successful in time well spent than others but hey,
there's always going to be a learning curve!
This new picture I have underway is about growth
especially growth from the pain we all suffer...
growth from all the sore, bruised and raw heartache that we all go through in some form or another.
and whiles I work on it and relive that raw pain of not just loosing a soul bunny
but from other crap going on in life...
I am reminded of my big simple priorities....
and I am reminded that I grow to love all that simple good stuff more so because of the bad times.
I feel lucky....
I feel like I am growing into a continually more peaceful place in my life...
and ya know what else? I really can't wait to show you the finished piece.

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