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Monday, May 9, 2016

Creating Colouring Pages

If your one of my studio news subscribers I do hope that you've been enjoying my coloring pages?
I don't know if you are...I am not getting a whole lot of feedback...hmmm...
I don't know how long I'll be offering these free coloring pages,
But I did promised myself to do a full year at least, so there's still a few to come that's for sure.
The process of designing them is fun for sure but is indeed time consuming.
They don't just happen or magically appear!
For every page you receive, there's atleast 4 or 5 designs before that that I choose not to share.
I go with my gut...if it doesn't feel like 'the one' to offer you guys that month than I keep drawing.

I've tried to keep them really simple, mostly so they are quicker for me to do!
but that's not my style, they need to be lovingly detailed and beautifully intricate to be truly me.
The first one was an owl, the 2nd a puffy feathery songbird with flowers, the 3rd a red monkey
and than two cool bunnies with the latest being a bird with butterflies & flowers.
I don't know what the next one will be
I am thinking of drawing more rabbits of course, ha ha
but I am always welcoming of your suggestions...
hint hint hint!

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