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Friday, June 3, 2016

Juggling Acts

Most days I find it really tricky to spread my time evenly between all 8 buns,
especially lately since I want to spend everyday and all day with Jaks since I know he's sick... 
But every rabbit is different, that's one of the coolest things about bunnies.
Jaks isn't one of those rabbits who wants me around constantly, no offense taken, he just likes quiet,
(our fabulous Frenwyck wanted us around him 24/7)
and whiles Teela wants human free afternoons to nap just her and Yuuji,
come evening time however, I'd better be ready to hang out on the floor with her in the living room
and come 9pm, I'd better be ready for our bed snugs
or watch out, I get punished with pee, attitude & hurt feelings!

I am obsessed & so in love with each and every one of our babes
and like any 'normal' Mama, I must spend tons of time with them,
because again like a regular Mom, they are my world.
It's only because I do spend so much time with them all that allows me to know them so well,
so that I can indeed easily tell when they want extra snuggles and when they want some space...

and that's exactly why I work in so many different mediums, ha ha...
because I switch rooms and work areas so much through out the day in order to keep
company with all the different buns in all their different areas...
Still like every other human on this planet, I wish the days were longer!
As any Mom, I wish I could more easily feel like I am doing a good job, always, everyday!
But ya know, even as that stress of being 'fair' tugs, pushes and pulls on me everyday,
 I love it and can't imagine a better way of spending my days...
juggling bunnies and art (with a soup├žon of headaches naturally!!!).

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