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Friday, June 10, 2016

Just Do It

Ya know, I get slightly irritated when I hear people say
"Oh I want to be vegetarian but I just don't think I could..."
If you want to, you should.
(and yes, I am pretty sure that you can live without your bacon!)
Don't worry about what anyone else thinks about it.
If your even remotely interested, you should seriously get on checking it out further.
Cause it's not all that really isn't...
Going vegan, now that's harder...
but going vegetarian is easy.
It's great for you and it's even better for this beautiful planet of ours...
There's always sooo many choices other than meat/fish.
We never feel like we're malnourished or unsatisfied,
infact there's a feeling of elation & joy that comes with eating kindly out of respect & awe of animals.
At first okay sure, it might feel like a real pain in the butt.
But, before you know it, all the right substitutions will be 2nd's so easy peasy!
If your interested at all in going down the lovely green veggie path,
it comes down to just one thing really...Just do it...just begin!

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