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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Snail Mail Madness

The organizing has been going on throughout the whole house, not just in my studios...
I've even been diving into getting all of my snail mail stuff sorted out finally.
I recycled or gave away any stationary I didn't love and I went as far putting them into categories!
I collected all the stamps I had laying in a bunch of drawers and put them all in one place.
I even put all of my favorite letter writing pens together and all of my stickers in one handy place too.
Snail mail is such a beautiful but lost form of connection & I want to make sure I keep it up
even though I get really frustrated when people can't be bothered to return the favor!
I go through my stubborn streaks where I swear I'll never write so and so again
and instead only spend my time on people who will appreciate my efforts
but before I know it, I am back in the saddle sending out snail mail love once again!
I still really enjoy it so much and nowadays it's a unique way to remind someone that your thinking of them because well it does take more effort than faceless facebook messages!

My stationary project lead me into sorting through 20+ years of snail mail, letters, cards, etc.
It seemed daunting at first, and I guess it was, but as I said earlier, I LOVE to organize and well
I needed the space that these big containers full of correspondence were taking up in my studio.
I know I got rid of a massive pile just before I moved away for college
and it was definitely feeling like the right time to trim down the pile once again. 

I had no idea really of what I would keep and what I would toss.
I let my gut lead me through the pile.
Most I kept are from people I am still in touch with now a days.
but a couple of piles I kept because whiles I no longer have these friends in my life,
I know rereading the letters will be eye-opening to whom I was back them vs who I am now. 
What I did keep, I sorted into a separate pile for each person
which I than tucked safely into labeled boxes and put them away for future perusal.
I know I'll always forever keep love letters from my hon and from me to my hon.
I know I'll always keep the pile from my parents (my Mom hands down picks out the best cards).
I did have a big pile to burn but only after I reread them one last time.
I burnt that from people I just no longer care for & or from those I barely remember.
It's been a pretty nostalgic project, I've got to admit that.
I know I want to whittle it down even more in the future but I didn't want to go berserk
and regret purging too that the pile has had it's first culling,
from here I'll pull some out now and than and I'll even more slowly go through!
What do you do with your old mail?  Do you keep it all or do you just keep some??
How far back does your correspondence collection go??? and how is yours kept????

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Natascha Rieper said...

Me too I take great pleasure in organizing! When in a store I always love checking out containers and thinking of ways I could use it!