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Monday, June 20, 2016

Yay Korra-Soleil

It's been such a hot hot week...
I've never liked the heat, ever...and I dislike it even more if I know my babies are uncomfortable.
BUT so far, all of the buns are hanging in there just fine, probably better than me in fact!
I was just outside with Korra-Soleil (before the heavy heat sets in for the day)
and I was just telling her, again, about how happy we are that she's here,
that we're so lucky that she finally was able to join our family cause we needed her, especially Min

I was telling her that we're proud to have such a big beautiful dutch girl in our motley little crew
 & that we're proud of how she's grown and settled in and that we're proud
of how she's letting go of her anger issues slowly but surely, which is not always easy for bunnies.

She's sensitive, interactive, sweet but still untrusting but she'll get there we're confident.
She is yet another bun whose unique with her very own story...
It's truly been an honor to watch her learn to trust, make friends and accept love, Yay Korra XO.

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