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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Finding A Fledgling

We came across a bit of wild magic...
in the middle of a busy road,
being narrowly missed by each car barreling by,
we saw this little fledgling, peeping away, obviously lost & helpless.
I didn't think twice, I knew my hon bun would block traffic with the truck as best as possible
whiles I jumped out to try to help the little darling
(or rather I hobbled out cause I had my knee brace on!) 

I thought it would be enough to scoop her up off the road but when I did so,
she was obviously even more helpless than I originally thought...
so I followed her, she didn't know where to go poor sweet-ling.
So I called Jonathan for help, he came with a blanket, gently scooped her up and home we went.
We couldn't leave her there to starve or get squashed!

So afternoon plans now out the window...lunch gone bad from too long out in heat...
we sat in the yard with her for the rest of the day, thinking she'd get her baring's and be on her way.
But she wouldn't move after hours and finally when a chipmunk scared the bejeezus out of her,
causing her to get tangled up and stuck in a thorny rosebush...we decided to bring her in for the night.

She would let me hold her on my chest as Jonathan opened her mouth and popped food in.
Fresh corn kernels, fresh peas, little pieces of cherry and such.
If we held up a teaspoon to her mouth she would drink 2 or 3 spoons all in one go.
After eating, tucked against my warm neck, she'd fall asleep and nap away.

And so it went like this for a couple weeks...feeding her and her napping on me.
We researched online and it became clear that we couldn't let her go until we saw she could fly
and saw that she could recognize food on the ground and feed herself...
well little miss didn't do that for quite some time!

 Almost a month later, she is still here...we'll see what happens!
But this has been the perfect example of what I mean when I tell people to let their
sensitively and vulnerability shine through because it's through these
that we experience many of life's beautiful mysteries and magic's...
we refused to be just any one of the cars just looking but still zooming on by
and thank goodness for that because she's been some kind of magic in our little household!


aline said...

Good job Mandy & Jonathan! Lucky little one for sure to have been in your path of life. You can sure see how much better it looks in the last photos. Thanking goodness for people like you both in this world.....

Snap said...

I've been following this story on FB. I think you've made a friend for life....

Natascha Rieper said...

Its A beautiful story and I'm amazed that she is doing so well! Even if she leaves you should still name her !