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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

She's Still Here

So the little fledging that I told you about has apparently decided to adopt us...
We found her way back on July 11th and she's still here with us.

We've left doors wide open, we've brought her outside every day encouraging her to fly away...

We leave her alone outside, hoping she'll go back to the wild but we find her back inside on her chair!

 She doesn't want to go, we don't really seem to have a say...I guess she's decided she's home!
So everyone meet and say hello to the newest member of our motely crew, Matilda.


Snap said...

I knew it! I knew Mathilda would decide that she has the best life right where she is!

Natascha Rieper said...

Love her name! It suits her and I'm so happy that she's content and a part of your family.

Jenn said...

Aw! She can tell you are tender and gentle hearts and she has it really good with you!