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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sick Bellies, Tingles & Exhaustion

We've had our hands full lately.
3 of the buns got sick within 4 days!
First it was Teela...
which was entirely my fault because I let her eat way to much grass.
Too much grass give bunnies sore tummies and gas...
but when do you know when too much is too much, that's the thing!!
Luckily, I was laying on the floor with her when I saw her stretching a certain way,
a way that usually means tummy aches
and when she wouldn't touch her dinner we knew she had gas
(buns can't really fart, or have a very very hard time to so any gas build-up is distressing for them)
so we were able to jump fast to the meds (1/4 tablet of gas-x often does the trick)
and she was back to normal in a few hours, phew!
Than Yuuji got stasis from too much stress the day after!
Finally we splurged and had air conditioning installed in our little hot house.
There was a house full of strangers here for 8 hours straight making a whole bunch of noise
and it was just too out of the ordinary for our little sweetheart.
I don't think he got any sleep that day and that mixed with the stress of all the noise
pushed him into stasis (sometimes it takes very little). He refused to eat that night,
than started pushing his tummy towards the ground, which is a sure tell sign of discomfort...
so it took a few hours again to get him eating again, thankfully we caught it early &
treated him with gas-x tablets, fresh squeezed pineapple juice and oral metoclopramide.

 Than Emmett got super bad stasis the next night,
most likely just because he's prone to it
and was one of the reasons why he was considered a special adoption...
and man when he gets it it's hard because he is not good with taking his medicines
and when it comes to force feedings of critical care etc he spits all the food out, ugh.
So we have to resort to metoclopramide injections, which is so stressful for us to administer.
At one point he was slumped on my chest, no energy, no will in his little precious body at all,
it was a drastic change in a normally hyper bunny who usually doesn't like to be touched...
I felt so so helpless and as I tryed so hard to push the panic & tears away
I just kept whispering in his sweet soft brown ear,
'Don't give up Minny....please please don't give up...Korra needs you and so do we baby...'
ugh ugh ugh ugh ugh!
Thankfully he didn't give up and hung in there as we cared for him for five full days.
The 3 of us barely slept, feedings were doubled because we were getting so little into him,
forced movement is always difficult because you feel like such a shit making them run and move
but it's important for their bellies to get some movement, it helps to restart the gut motility again...
It took all the tricks in our arsenal that's for sure.
Even though his eating was very slow to start, when he started begging to go in the yard,
we knew we were going to be just fine.
So all that bunny drama has exhausted us...
and the heat is exhausting us...
and summer projects all done and those still to be done are exhausting us...
and the pigeon who is seeming like the neediest thing on the planet is exhausting us!
So now it's our turn to got sick!
My hon's been in bed since last night
with a high fever and what seems like every ailment for both cold & flu!
and I feel that yuckiness setting in...I am trying to hold out
but you know, that tingle you get all over your body...
that prickly tingle that tell you something is coming and that it won't be pleasant!
I just hope I will be able to make it to my appointment for my knee mri tomorrow am!
Hope your all not stuck with any colds or flu in this hot August...and if you are, get well soon XO

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